Using Different Image Resources To Add Color To Your Business Blogs

Practice-ResourcesIf there are two snippets in front of you, one is plain, long text, and the other one consists of images, which one would you choose? The majority would go for the one with pictures, of course. The same thing applies to blog posts. There is no denying that businesses should take advantage of blogging – while there is a significant chance of improving your conversion rates, your blogs are the best sources of information your potential customers could go to in case they have questions. This is another way for leads to learn more about you and your company, which in turn, can help you get paying customers.

However, one should understand that blogging shouldn’t be done the way you wanted to. There are certain rules – while they’re not mandatory, failure to do so can result to lower engagement and decreased amount of traffic. Other than providing your readers with relevant, unique and informative blog posts, you should also be able to get the engagement and attention that you need by adding images to your post.

There are two ways for you to get images: it’s either you hire a photographer and post images that you own, or look for various image resources where you can easily download pictures and have them inserted into your blog posts.

If you’re blogging once or twice a month, or even less, using images of your own might not be a problem. However, that’s not how the blogging industry works. If you really want to improve your search engine rankings and increase customer engagement, filling your blogs with new posts on a regular basis is a must. If you can afford hiring someone to take photographs and create graphics for your blog, that’s fine, but it is also ideal and cost-efficient to just look for image resources.

Resource-Centre-Header-21A simple Google search will return thousands of results. Now, decide on which one should you go for – free or paid? If you’re starting out, free subscriptions might just do the trick. However, if you’re a heavy blogger and require a larger image database, paying for a subscription might just be worth it. Try and weigh your needs and see if your business blog would require a whole bunch of images every post. If you feel like the free version will suffice, you can use it temporarily, until you can afford paying for a subscription. Otherwise, you can pay for it and get access to thousands or images which you can use and own the copyrights at the same time.

Some image resources would offer free trials on their paid subscriptions, which is an excellent opportunity for you to take advantage. This will give you a couple of weeks’ worth (sometimes a month) to have unlimited access to their database and let you see if their images would be something that your business needs.

It doesn’t matter where you get your images from – as long as you research on which site to go to for your image needs, which works with your budget as well.